Change The Caption

You should not be copying then pasting the same caption to every post.

I just came across an Instagram account and fell into my normal routine. Clicked on the profile, then on the first post that caught my eye (in this case, the most recent post), and enlarged it. I like to scroll through previous posts this way for a few reasons:

  1. To see the image or graphic enlarged
  2. To look at the number and type of reactions the post received
  3. To read the caption
  4. To check out the hashtags
  5. To see how frequently the account posts (is there a schedule?)

You could call it the very beginning of an audit. But I like to familiarize myself with the accounts I look at. Why? Because even I can learn a lot from a random account.

This particular account is a small business. I am familiar with this business and I think that’s what truly piqued my interest, from the start.

While scrolling through, I quickly realized they use the same two captions for almost every post. If you purchase a certain item, there is a specific caption. If you purchase a different item, there is a specific caption for it. The first time I read the captions I thought, “Sweet and personal.” Then I realized, “these are the same three captions this account rotates between.

I understand social media is crucial but most importantly can be time-consuming. Who doesn’t want to use the same caption in every post? You have sh*t to do, right? WRONG.

Well, you do but that’s not the point. Take a few extra minutes out of your day to change a few words or reword them. Have you heard of recycling? It is a staple in marketing, social media management, and copywriting.

In last week’s blog post, I talked about making your marketing personal. Your constituents want to be able to relate. If you’re going to thank someone for making a purchase change a few words or add in their name. Do something a touch different.

all the love & espresso,

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