Clear Out Your Followers

This method is usually recommended specifically for Instagram, but I recommend it for all accounts. Read why below.

I get it deleting followers sounds crazy. But, through significant research, it has been determined to be very effective and necessary. In simple terms, removing followers will help you grow faster.

Accounts you should be removing:
Spam accounts
Accounts that haven’t been active for a few months
Accounts that never engage with your posts
Dead accounts

Why? Simple –
Your engagement rate plummets when your followers are not interacting with your posts. As there are a handful of reasons your engagement rates might be lower than they should be, this is a way to help boost it.

Follower counts are no longer the most important.
But Kierst, I am an influencer. I need a high follower count.
You don’t. You need to continue to build an engaging community that will interact with your posts to drive your portfolio, community, and genuine followers.

Remember my golden rule: quality over quantity in everything.

I know this blog post was short, and some of you might even think, “this wasn’t revolutionary information.” You’re right. But, it’s something we all need to be reminded of. We have to fight the old thought of follower counts being the most important.

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