Marketing Red Flags To Avoid

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business, and finding the right marketing consultant or firm can make a significant difference in your success. It's important to be able to spot potential "red flags" when evaluating your options. Let's review how to identify these warning signs and set reasonable expectations for working with a marketing consultant or firm.

"Red flags" to look for:

  • Unrealistic promises including but not limited to: guaranteeing any type of results, overnight success, quick results, specific amounts (follower growth, sales totals, email subscribers, etc).
  • Lack of transparency: A trustworthy marketing consultant or firm will be open and transparent about their strategies, methodologies, and pricing.
  • Poor communication such as: being unresponsive, failing to meet deadlines without adequate and prediscussed explanation, or lack of clear communication.

Common phrases to avoid:

  • immediately 
  • I guarantee you'll get xx follwers
  • Make $x,xxx in just 30 days
  • __ will make you go viral
  • Do ___ and you'll get xx new (subscribers, followers, sales, etc).
  • Become a success in x days
  • See results fast

By being aware of marketing "red flags," setting reasonable expectations, and avoiding unrealistic phrases, will help you avoid scams. Remember, a successful marketing partnership is built on trust, transparency, and a shared vision for success.

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