Take A Moment To Walk Away

A blog post no one asked for but I felt empowered to write.

Makeup has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a little girl I would get the play makeup and GO TO TOWN. I mean face, arms, neck, hands, table. Literally anywhere I could put it I would. My mom wouldn’t let me wear it out of the house until I was thirteen. So, naturally I would sneak it on in Jr High. You know, when we would put black eyeliner in our water line and think that’s what makeup was. L O L.

The summer before my thirteenth birthday, my mom and grandma took me to Merle Norman so they could show me “how to apply.” The colors that looked best, the formulas, everything. Honestly, one of the best days of my life. Naturally, I didn’t really want the “best” colors, I wanted the trends but none the less, I was ecstatic. I remember putting it on 3 times in one day (once before swimming) just so I could practice and show people what I could do. Then, they took me to bare minerals. At the ripe age of 12, it was a little to sophisticated but I’ve always appreciated the intent and care.

In High School, I would do friend’s makeup for dances, events, and usually just for fun. I loved it. This was the prime of a black smoky eye. LORD the amount of black, grey, and white eyeshadow I have purchased in my life…But, the thing about makeup is that it gives this boost of confidence that already lives inside the person. Makeup is so much more than “an expense.” It’s so much more than putting something on your face or having an unmatched foundation. Hearing the confidence come to life in someone as they are getting their makeup done is a feeling I’ll never be able to explain to you.

Aside from confidence, I personally use makeup as a calming tool. As someone who feels myself getting overly frustrated at times when I professionally can’t, I have learned to turn to makeup. At times when my anxiety is more than I can handle, I turn to makeup. When I’m in my head and can’t figure out how to make something work or a design come to life, I turn to makeup.

In the same way others may therapeutically clean or mow their lawn or even just hop in the shower, makeup does that for me. It has saved me more times than I can count, from making heated, irrational decisions.

The most fire makeup look I’ve done to-date on myself came from a moment when I became so overwhelmed and frustrated, I truly couldn’t think. I was ready to turn in a resignation and just figure the rest out. Instead, I realized I do need my job and I don’t usually hate it, but I needed to walk away from my computer. So, I sat down in my makeup room and looked at my table. The process began:
I could do my base makeup in my sleep.
The calmness of how smooth and seamlessly things blend together. So therapeutic.
Locking it into place with the setting powder gives me a feeling of reassurance.
Then, it’s time to play with eyeshadow. I let my creativity go wild. (Even if you just play with all neutrals or all mattes, you can still be creative! You don’t have to use crazy colors to be creative).
Finishing it off with some of my favorite lashes to make the eyes pop even more is the final step to achieving that confidence boost.

After that look I was able to sit back down at my computer and finish my day. Now, it definitely didn’t resolve everything. The issues were still there when I returned. BUT, I was able to look at it with a clear head and be rational, like I needed to be.

Whether you are a business owner, career professional, parent, or even as a student, you will find tasks and times that you can’t keep it together. Maybe losing your cool means you have a temper and maybe it means you break down and cry. Whatever it means, find that thing that clears your head. Find a way to regain your peace and then come back to look at the issue again. You may have to do that a few times, that’s okay. We are humans. These things are going to happen.

I hope you find your “thing” and I hope it makes you feel at peace.

Now, to decide if #MakeupandMarketingMondays should be a thing and HOW to fit them in my schedule.

all the love & espresso, 

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