What Does Marketing Look Like in 2022 for Small Businesses?

We know that each social media platform is different. Different look, feel, audience, algorithm, feed, and niche types. However, there is something most of them currently have in common. Listed below are some topics I would advise you to keep in mind this year and going forward. Although they seem like common sense to some, others have not always conveyed their business in this way.

While doing your branding, marketing, and advertising this year remember your customers are looking for:

  1. Raw and true to who the brand is
    You can’t throw something up because it looks good.
    Seeing another business’ successful campaign and copying it has always been wrong, but now more than ever.
    Customers are rightfully looking for brands that know who they are and what they stand for. You have to answer that question for yourself and build your campaigns around it
  2. Personal to client
    Now more than ever, it matters to the customer what you stand for. If they can relate or empathize with your mission or goals, they are more likely to buy from you. Overall, it’s no longer about who is cheapest. With the way the world has changed, many consumers are opting to spend a few extra dollars to support a cause or company they can feel good about supporting.
  3. Honest storytelling
    With the growth of TikTok and now Reels, behind-the-scenes videos are the rage. Customers like seeing what you’re doing, how you made it, what the mistakes were, etc. You have to be willing to be open and transparent. Give them the raw and the edited.
    Also, be prepared to share testimonials and reviews. These have always been important but when we are talking about the current trends for customers, they are currently looking specifically for them.
    Call me crazy, even share the “3-star” reviews. Be open and talk about the process, mistakes, and how you corrected the situation or bettered the product. Transparency and story-telling are key.
  4. Rewarding Word of Mouth
    Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere. Hop on the train but be selective! I have only given out two “influencer” codes. They are my two best clients. I have plans to give out more but making sure the person and who they are aligns with my brand is most important.
    A downside to social media is always having proof, even when you delete it. Once you affiliate yourself or brand with someone, that is how others will know and relate to it.
    Nano and Micro-influencers are getting huge and everyone can use an influencer.

Honestly is always the best policy in my book but as a business owner it has to be in yours too; now more than ever. It’s ok to make a mistake. Show the mistake and how you corrected it or bettered your brand. The customers will appreciate the openness and it will build trust with them.

You will still have your trolls, it’s the internet. There is nothing you can do about it. Respond to their comment with a positive response and keep it pushing.

If your marketing needs a revamp, Designing Business offers Marketing Consultations and Instagram audits. Don’t be afraid to ask. We can see what influencers could work in your field as well.

all the love & espresso,

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