Why I Don’t Recommend Batching

For the purpose of this post, “batching” is defined as making several weeks – several months worth of content in one setting. For example, you sit down on the 1st of the month and make all posts for the next 31 days. 

If you have been on almost any social media platforms, you have probably seen several posts about “batching content.” If you ask me, it is a fad. Here are 10 reasons I do not, and tell my clients not, to batch content:

  1. The content starts to feel rushed, when you have been batching it for an extended period.
  2. Batching refers to making a bunch of content at once (i.e. 20 Reels, 15 TikTok’s, 1 month worth of copy, etc).
  3. Towards the end of the batch, your topics can feel like a reach.
  4. If you are batching so far out, you might forget to leave room for instances that suddenly occur.
  5. Setting up your posts to publish a month out could hinder your integrity with the algorithm.
  6. You do not know what will be trending that week or if your topic for the post is still relevant.
  7. Batching tends to set unrealistic expectations.
  8. It is harder to keep your overall marketing goals in mind when attempting to hit a post quota.
  9. Quality will always outweigh quantity in everything.
  10. You are more likely to experience burnout when forcing yourself to pump through content or topics.

Instead of batching, look at your calendar, think of high-point topics, and fill them into some days (just the topic name). Then, start with the following week & fill in the content. Schedule only Monday’s post ahead of time. Come back Monday and schedule the rest of the week. Scheduling out 1 week at a time helps you focus on your goals, stay on track, stay relevant, and still feel organized/accomplished.

If batching works best for you, or there is a time when you need to, that is perfectly fine. These rules do not apply to everyone all the time. However, make sure you are listening to yourself when creating your content. Quality over quantity.

If you need some assistance or ideas, schedule a time to chat.

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