Why It Wasn’t An Actual Branding Risk

I took a major risk.

Isn’t entrepreneurship, in general, a major risk? Yes.
Am I being dramatic as normal? No.
We are supposed to stay on brand, right? Keep our products true to who we are. Not veer off into unknown territory.

Hi, if you’re new here, I’m kierst. I don’t seem to listen to my own advice much. I like to test my boundaries, or so that’s what could be perceived. But, hear me out on this before you make your decision.

At first glance, my second Stronger Than collection was completely off-brand. WHY in the world would created by kierst come out with a “health/wellness/fitness” theme? That just doesn’t make any sense. Look at the brand.

And are you wrong for thinking this? Absolutely not. I struggle a lot with the fitness fads. I am healthy but I am nowhere near fit, I don’t have a gym membership, and I follow close to zero fitness influencers.

“Oh, so it’s just to make money?” Not technically. Did I create a line, spend money on a launch, purchase inventory, and create campaigns with the hope of getting some return? I refuse to give you an answer for that. Use your head.

Let’s take a deeper dive-
The new sub-collection is part of Stronger Than – something very dear to me. So much so, my brand is BUILT around it. However, let me educate you on the meaning of Stronger Than as a whole. I designed Stronger Than because:

  • COVID sucks
  • mental health is at an all-time low
  • many of us finally feel the burn-out that has been coming
  • suicide rates are sky high

But, life hasn’t stopped. So, somedays we feel a little weaker than normal. Or maybe we feel like “weak” is our new normal. That’s ok. We are human. Trust me, I am someone who has let my “pride” get in the way many, many times because “I’m not weak.” “I can keep going.” “I don’t need anyone.” Whatever the sentence was. Some days we just feel lower.

No matter what your reason is, you are stronger than it. You will persevere and will make it through. You are Stronger Than anything. But you may need a reminder.

A triple espresso is strong – you’re stronger.
Starbucks iced coffee is strong – you’re stronger.
Pre-workout can be strong in many ways – you’re stronger.
Your PR is heavy – you’re stronger.
Lifting that bar continuously gets heavy – you’re stronger.

See a theme here? The collection isn’t because I am interested or not interested in the fitness industry or keeping up with trends. It’s because so many people make the same new year’s resolution. They want to lose weight, go to the gym, drink their water, lift heavier, etc. That is great! Whatever your resolution is, stay true to yourself. I am simply supplying you with a little reminder. You can look down and remember no matter how hard that session was, this task is, or your day was, you’re stronger.

Now that we have all the information, did I really go against my brand? Did I really create a collection that isn’t true to created by kierst? I don’t think so but you’re allowed to have an opinion. That’s the beautiful thing about being a human.

My whole point? Sometimes we see a launch, collection, item, etc. that just doesn’t make sense to us. At face value, we wonder, “WHY would they do that? That will flop.” And you know what, maybe it will be a flop. Maybe they won’t make a profit. But, think about the deeper meaning. Also, swallow a nice gulp of reality that it truly doesn’t matter to us at the end of the day. I live by the saying, “If it has no bearing on my life, it isn’t my business.” As long as no one is being hurt, I leave it alone.

I hope 2022 treats you beyond well. I hope you live your best life, exceed your goals, and know that no matter how strong or hard something might be, you’re stronger.

all the love & espresso,

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