MD24 Lookbook 1

She is cozy, homey, and loves a warm neutral palette in life and her home.

Sip, sit, and savor life's moments with flair! From old-school sips on keychains to snuggly, stylish throws, we've got her vibe! Love sips slow with our mugs, luck dangles stylishly, and cozy meets cool in every piece. Elevate her everyday with a touch of gold accents or a splash of animal print.

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MD24 Lookbook 2

She is trendy and loves a sleek all black look. She may mix one neutral, if needed.

Black is the new black. Who says darkness can't shine? This trendsetter turns heads with their all black ensemble and home to match. Faux leather accents? Check. Fashion-forward and furniture-forward, proving black never goes out of style. It's not just a color, it's a lifestyle.

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MC24 Lookbook 3

She is planning vacations, looking to spend everyday in the sun, and making sure everyone is living their best life.

Bring sunshine to her. This Lookbook embodies the essence of sunshine. She inspires, ignites childhood wonder, and transforms homes into havens of warmth and joy. Make everyday brighter for her with items from this Lookbook.

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MD24 Lookbook 4

She is the head of the family. She is ruling everything.

Elevate her space, honor her taste. Craft a home that reflects her strength and elegance. For the queen of the family who appreciates the finer things, discover our curated Lookbook for your Momager. Let her sip her martini in style, surrounded by sophistication.

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MD24 Lookbook 5

She does monochrome the right way.

She loves a clean look, needs everything to match, but still has a lot of style. From her home, to her car, wardrobe and accessories, she is chic, sleek, and monochromatic.

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