Correctly Set Up A Facebook Post

Last week we learned how to set up every Instagram post to optimize the best potential. Today let’s do Facebook.

Once logged into Facebook on a computer (not a phone or tablet), head to the business page. All menu options are on the left side of the screen. For today’s purpose, click on Publishing Tools then, Create Post in the top right corner.

To make things simpler and save time, the Instagram box can also be chosen. If that box is checked, once this post is set up correctly, it will also post to Instagram.

Insert the caption as normal. For the majority of posts, make sure the first line grabs the audience’s attention, is relatively short, and has a CTA (call-to-action). An advantage to Facebook over Instagram is the capability of using links in captions. Leverage this, especially when posting about products.

Media is important! Facebook and Instagram allow up to 10 photos per post. In my opinion, the photo carousel on Instagram looks better than the Facebook layout. But, that is for another day.
Pro-tip, Choose short videos over static images as they perform best in algorithms right now. Turning a static image into a video is easy. Open Canva, add an animated sticker, gif, audio, etc, and save as MP4. Boom. Reach, impressions, and audience just increased.

Location, location, location!! Where can this service or product be found? Even though Facebook and Instagram mark location as optional, make it a priority. This automatically increases the reach of a post. That means, anytime someone searches the area on the social app, the post will pull up in that feed. I am not promising it will be number one or even in the top 20, but it will be there.
What if I do not have a physical location?
Totally fine. I do not either. Tag the city, county, or state. If this is a service-based business that worked with a client, tag their business location. If on vacation, tag that location. Make sure to tag a location that makes sense with the post and will allow for a better Reach.

Let’s jump into the Facebook-specific options –
The text should look the same as it did on the left side. If both platforms were chosen, this is where the views for each can be toggled between.
I would say the most questions I receive are about hashtags.
Are they effective?
Should they be used?
Does it matter what they are?
How many should be used in a post?
Where should they be put?
Here is the answer, which varies on a lot of things. Yes, absolutely use them. There are very few times when using hashtags will hinder your reach or engagement. Most times, it will improve it. Where it gets more complicated is how many and which ones. Those two answers are based on the audience, platform, and industry. Now, where you put them is up to you. I like to put mine in the comments on Facebook and Instagram. But, with Twitter, I strategically use very few. For example, I am so excited to start a new #socialmedia campaign. LinkedIn might be the only platform where I place my hashtags in the copy of the post. Why? I simply have not seen enough data to state if there is a difference and if hashtags are effective in their captions.

Flipping the call-to-action toggle to Get messages and using the Link preview will remove any media already added. In my opinion, use this feature sparingly.
If it fits the company’s branding or is super exciting, feel free to use emojis and the Feeling/Activity option. Let followers see the excitement! Just do not go overboard. Stay on brand.

Down at the bottom are Boost, Optimal Times, and Publish buttons.
Boosting a post is similar to doing a Paid Ad. Instead of jumping headfirst into ads, I encourage dabbling in boosted posts first. There is a misconception that one must put a lot of money into advertising. This is false. Start small. Use a set amount (at minimum $5 per day) and boost the best posts for 5-7 days. Give them time to marinate and reach. Do not expect astronomical numbers from these. It will probably be a low reach. However, it is more than the organic reach. As the Ads Manager account progresses and the audience grows, fine-tune the target audience, then add more money and time. Start small with ads!

The Optimal Times button is all about trial and error. I can confidently say I do not think this is the best scheduler. However, it is free and has a general sense. The ability to change a date and see which time would be best is convenient. Please note when posting on Instagram and Facebook, the platform will choose the most optimal time for Facebook users. Rely more on Instagram analytics when posting to Instagram, as they are different audiences and users.
And finally, we have reached the publish button. This post can either be scheduled or posted immediately. When choosing optimal time, it will almost always be scheduled. This tool is helpful when attempting to schedule several posts at once. Note the ability to save drafts here. I use this feature the most. It is an amazing use of time or a great tool if waiting for edits.

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