When Your List Feels Overwhelming

I think I live my life in a state of stress and being overwhelmed. Quite frankly, I thrive by stressing myself out. Do not take that as positive advice, your doctor would berate me. However, if you’re someone who also saves every project for the last minute, piles items on the to-do list, and cannot sit still, I understand.

Even for those of us who thrive “better under pressure” the pressure can feel like too much. This is a topic I frequently speak with my therapist about. I add so much to my own plate, stress myself out to the point I am sick, and then keep moving. Why? Because I feel like I have so much to accomplish and I needed to do it yesterday.

Sound like you? Cool, now let’s talk about how we can try to avoid having a stress-induced heart attack or stroke before we’re 35.

Identify Your Added Stresses

What unnecessary items do you add to your plate? For example, I will find 3 webinars and 4 articles that I think I should read, even though they are for Beginners. I MIGHT learn something new. Chances are I’m going to add it to my list, never get to it, and stress about the fact that I didn’t spend time on 7 education items that are simply reiterating what I teach others. I need to let it go. (I’m not here to teach that part because I haven’t mastered it either).

Identify Your True Stresses

For me, this is finances (because I think they will always just stress me out), Imposter Syndrome, and a better work-life balance. Although all three of those are easily manageable, this is where I find my true stress. But, those are items I can and am actively putting actions into place to help myself with.

Identify How You Can Unload Your To-Do List

This one is very similar to your Added Stresses list. However, look at everything going on in your life. Where can you truly let go of the reigns and get assistance? When I looked at mine it went something like this:

  • Hired a cleaning lady for 2 hours per month to tackle the rooms that take longer to clean
  • Refinanced my private student loans, quit going out, quit drinking (for the most part), am attempting to stop eating out, and am sticking to my grocery list.
  • Told myself I HAVE to take off every Monday night. When I get off from my full-time job I go straight to the couch and lay with Brookelynne. This is her favorite thing to do and she will go straight to sleep (snoring) as soon as we lay down together.

I’m not saying I have all the answers. One that has been harder for me is balancing all of my to-dos. I want a better balance but I want my businesses to succeed and I need my full-time job. I want to be there for Brookelynne and not add stress to her but I also need to work and would like some sort of social life. I want to buy a home but also make my current house feel like a home. But, I also need to save for buying a home.

My point? You’re never going to get it perfect. You will never remove all the stress from your life. But, as a business owner, and as a human, figure out what you add to your plate and what you can manage in your real stressors.

Do a clean-out. Clean out your home, car, belongings, closets, friends, text messages, photos, etc. Purge all the negative. It really does help. If you’re like me, this isn’t going to be a one-day or one-weekend thing. I started in December and I’m still working on it. But, I can tell you, it has helped so much.

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