Current Content Marketing Trends For Any Business Size

“I maybe know a little bit about what I am talking about. What I do daily. I do run my own business and support other businesses doing this. MAYBE.” That is the conversation I had with a colleague before I signed off my day on Wednesday, September 8, 2021. I had just prepared a presentation for the following day. I had been asked to speak to the local Rotary Club in regards to social media marketing. I spent over a month and a half thinking about what I would talk about.

If you’re new here, Hi, I’m kierst. I could talk for hours on these topics. But, how was I going to make sure my topic could relate to everyone in the room? And trust me, after that call, I doubted everything I thought I knew. Do I know what I am doing? Am I really even good at this? Yes, I have grown one business over 300% in two years but, I have to PUT IN WORK everyday to grow my businesses. Maybe he’s right. Maybe it’s time to give up. 

FALSE. I drank some wine, went to sleep, and woke up the next morning. Still completely doubting myself, this isn’t a movie. I sat down in my makeup chair thinking it would ease my mind. It did for the duration of the process. I put on the black dress I feel most confident in. Realized I had lost the heels I had planned for my outfit (note: Kiersten – LOOK FOR THOSE). I am late to everything. It’s a part of my DNA at this point. So, I set a good time amount for leeway to arrive by. I was late by that standard but not by actual. I arrived to speak and was sweating SO BAD the underneath of my hair was wet. I witnessed the procession of the meeting and here we go. 

“Everyone welcome Kiersten”


Current marketing trends to adopt, regardless of your current online presence or marketing budget. For the purpose of today’s information we are going to follow the below criteria, Online Presence is defined by social media channels, website, and/or Google Business page or Yelp page.

So, let’s chat about the current five trends I think any marketing budget could effective utilize:
– influencer marketing
– video content
– content marketing
– shoppable posts
– paid social advertising

1. Influencer Marketing
The definition reads as, “a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placement from people and organizations who have a purported expert level of knowledge or social influence in their field.”

The importance of influencer marketing is the natural conversation it brings and the content being based on the follower’s needs. These are not necessarily your followers either. A key importance of influencer marketing, and what truly sets this category apart, is the follower count for these handles. Influencers tend to have a higher following or a high engagement to their posts. Their soul purpose is to do just what it is called, persuade their followers to make purchases they may otherwise not. If you choose to use Influencer Marketing in your social media strategy make sure you are working with individuals who use and believe in your product, who have a genuine & trusted connection with their followers, and who will be a voice for your brand. When you choose an influencer, they represent you and your brand, through every post. Once a customer connects you two, if could be hard to distance yourself at a later time. Just be sure you are thoroughly vetting these candidates. Please don’t take the above paragraph as a deterrent. I strongly encourage Influencer Marketing, especially the way social media is right now. Look for micro and nano influencers as well. Often, although not always, they tend to work with their favorite brands they love and have started to share that content organically. 

2. Video Content
Currently on Instagram video content is taking precedence over stagnant images. With TikTok being a huge competitor of Reels, Instagram is looking for accounts that create organic content within their app and share it. Since the pandemic specifically, videos are even being preferred by followers. My advice is to use video whenever you can, whenever it makes sense as long as you know your platform and audience. For example, Instagram followers will look for a more professional looking video with clean cuts, edits, and transitions. Whereas, TikTok doesn’t care as much about the quality of the video and editing as they do the content within the video. Facebook is very much like Instagram where they prefer the video to be made within the app and the algorithm will preference it first as well. I do not encourage you to go out and buy super expensive equipment when you’re just getting started. I use my iphone, a ring light from Amazon, and am attempting to learn the editing software from Adobe. Note: I did not purchase Adobe just for this, I use it in my everyday life and business. Use the resources and equipment you have already. 

3. Content Marketing
The definition from Google is, “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” The key to know and take away from this phrase is the inclusion in all types of marketing: SEO, strategy (overall & social media), PR, etc. The goal to content marketing is the emotional connection it forms and the way it educates the consumer. These two tasks should seem effortless to the consumer and can be done in almost every phase of marketing. 

4. Shoppable Posts
When I made this presentation and spoke, I made the mistake of saying it was only on Instagram. I have since stood corrected. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed the other evening and noticed there was a shoppable post on Facebook. This would make since considering Instagram is owned by Facebook. Nonetheless, if you have a product, or honestly a service, I would highly consider your capability and ROI of shoppable posts. I think organically, the ROI is there. Think about scrolling through your newsfeed and seeing an item that immediately catches your eye. If you can’t just click and shop, you have to go to their page and hopefully find a URL or you have to remember to search their website out later to purchase the product. Now, think about how many items you have forgotten to purchase in that second method. If that is your business someone is doing that with, you’re losing a good amount of revenue. To make your posts searchable you have to correctly connect your page with your website and link them up so you can allow your customers and potential customers to have a seamless shopping experience. 

5. Paid Social Advertising
Finally, my favorite and go-to. You do NOT have to have a high marketing budget to do paid ads. In full honesty, I have sent out $20 Instagram ads, several times. Why? Because I will hit a few thousand followers that I wouldn’t normally and the actuality of over 1,000 viewers joining a single #HumpDayHustle episode is currently a little mind-blowing. Now, chances are if a few extra thousand isn’t much to you, you are probably bringing in enough profits to up your total ad spend dollars. That’s great. The best part about paid ads is the more money to put in, the higher the reach you will get. Before choosing your paid ad strategy, look at your budget and look at your realistic goal. Especially, if you’re a new company. 
There are ways under any budge to implement the above 5 methods into your marketing strategy. If I were to offer you one more tidbit of advice I would say to watch out for these 5 types in the months and year (or two) to come: AI (artificial intelligence)
chat bots
user-generated content (different from Influencer Marketing)
SEO (keywords on websites and social media)
video marketing


Following this presentation I had a line of people come talk to me about my presentation, how to get their content out there, and other processes for how to use social media in their business. Note to colleague: I do know what I am doing. 


As always, Designing Business offers marketing consulting and social media planning. Contact me today if you would like to chat about anything discussed here and how I could assist you with reaching your marketing goals. 

It’s time to go make my own content for a huge launch!

Ps- it’s pumpkin spice season ❤ 

all the love & espresso, 

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