our vision

At Designing Business, we envision a digital landscape where every small business and entrepreneur harnesses the power of strategic branding, captivating social media management, and innovative website design to transcend boundaries. Born from the entrepreneurial spirit of a millennial who recognized the transformative potential of social media early on, we understand the modern nuances of online engagement. Drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences in diverse sales roles during college, our founder discerned the pivotal role of branding and marketing in driving unparalleled growth and exceeding aspirations.

Our mission is simple yet profound: To empower small businesses and entrepreneurs to realize their dreams in the digital era. We are fervently committed to propelling your online presence to new heights, ensuring your brand not only resonates but thrives in the vast digital expanse.

Join us on this exhilarating journey towards success. With Designing Business by your side, let's not just dream; let's transcend, transform, and triumph. Together, we advance your online presence.


do you have any free material?

Yes, you can visit our completely free blog. kierst covers a variety of topics from marketing tactics, entrepreneurial tips, and even suggested tools.

how do you base your pricing?

Designing Business offers contracts based on time length per project. For on-going management you can choose monthly, semi-annual, annual, or bi-annual. View pricing here.

what do you specialize in?

Designing Business specializes in branding, social media, and web design. But, we have extensive knowledge and experience in other offerings as well. View all of our offerings here.

do you offer discounts?

Designing Business offers a discounts on a case-based decision. To see if you qualify, contact us.

do you have a course or printables?

We promise we have heard and are listening! Stay tuned!