Goals Are Important

I take a work trip to Chicago every month. Many people express how dreadful they think it would be. I actually enjoy it. Like anything else, I dread it in the days leading up. But once it’s time to go, I get excited.

I miss having a routine; getting ready, grabbing Starbucks, and spending the day in the office. I miss being around people. I miss collaborating in person. I miss city life. But, I’m where I needed to be when I moved.

I was sitting next to my boss at lunch and she says, “So, is that what you eventually want to do? Marketing and social media for fashion and makeup? Designer?”

The conversation was strangely smooth and not awkward. You would think your boss of a medical association asking if eventually you’re going to leave for something completely different, would be uncomfortable. It wasn’t. My answer? “I truly don’t know. I just want to design, do marketing and enjoy what I do!“

That’s the truth. I have a million goals in my head. I’m 28 and feel like I can accomplish almost all of them. Some are going to take a little longer and be a little (lot) harder than others. That’s ok. It’s what pushes me to keep going.

My businesses are just as important as what I’m doing in my full time job. The brutal truth I have to remind myself of, I don’t have endless time, money, and energy. Lately, I’ve been STRUGGLING. I feel like I’ve loaded so much in my plate, I can’t keep my head above water.

This trip was amazing for me. It let me re-align and remember that I have a pretty great situation. Whether I’m working here, as a CCO for a major brand, or even running my own empire, it’s never going to be perfect. No matter where you are, there will always be ‘things.’

It’s easy to get wrapped up in all your wants and desires, with a strict timeline/lack of patience and then forget to take a breathe. Maybe even just enjoy the ride of life.

I’ve never been naïve enough to think, “Once my business takes off, I’ll check it off my goal list and life will be perfect.” Most the time, I stress out about what’s next after that? So, I achieved that goal and then what?

Always make sure you have goals to accomplish but enjoy the process and the reward of doing so.

all the love & espresso,


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