I did something others may not agree with.

Look, that’s normal for me. I tend to not do what people want me to or what they think is the right answer. I trust my gut feeling and remind myself WHO my brand is.

Let me take you back –
True to who I am, I created something on a whim and decided to sell it. I spent a little time researching and gathering information. I felt confident in my decision and placed a mass order.

I redesigned my website, pivoted my socials, created an Etsy shop, took product photos, and set everything in a matter of 2-3 weeks.

Let’s pause – I built a brand in 3 weeks. That’s enough to drive you insane. At the Holidays, no less.

True to self, when I make my mind up, there is no stopping me. So, we launched and sold out of two styles within the first five days. I was on a high. I placed my reorder and continued about my day.

The restock came in with two broken. “Huh, that’s weird. Maybe it’s a fluke?” Then, mine broke. Could this really be a fluke? I’m thinking it’s a pattern. Some items weren’t perfect in the orders but, I just ate the cost.

After a few hours of debating, I reached out to the manufacturer and sent pictures. I was informed, “the area where the product was breaking was too thin due to the material.” They would send out a reorder of just the last shipment I had ordered – not replace all. “Shore… I mean it’s business, I guess.”

Present Day –
I had already handled fixing the product and created a plan. Once I received the new product, I would find the correct approach and reach out to my customers.

After hearing about a customer’s breaking, that was it for me. I wrote a statement and released it the next morning. There was some judgment -NOT from customers – and I was blown away.

Hear me out –
I will never tell you; you MUST run your business a certain way. That’s not for me to do. Who even says I am doing it “right?” 

But what I will tell you is to know what your brand is built on. What is your mission? What are your values? Designing Business and createdbykierst are built on transparency and honesty. If my goal was to make a quick buck I wouldn’t be in this field. I wouldn’t be managing my own legal business. That’s just a sad fact. So, why would I not get ahead of the issue?

Maybe it’s my PR background and my fascination with Crisis Management. I can’t tell you for sure. But I can advise getting ahead of any issue. Is this going to cost me? Absolutely! However, I believe it speaks volumes to my customers and potential business partners. I will do everything I can to make the situation right, within reason. 

Now, is there a time putting money into a mistake is not feasible? Absolutely. But when you are in the wrong, I believe you correct it. When you can offer a solution, do so.

The truth is small businesses do not get the same breaks consumers give a large corporation. Right or wrong, that’s just how it is. You can be true to your brand and what you stand for while also reassuring the customers who support your dream.

Here’s to being happy, staying healthy, and having a progressive New Year.

all the love & espresso

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