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We can take classes and ask 50 people ten questions each. Google can become your most used app. But, I’m a firm believer that your most valuable knowledge comes from personal trial and errors. Throughout my short time (2.5 years) in building my business, I have learned some hard lessons and some even harder ones. In full honesty, I think I stumble every day. BUT I’ve set a timeline for myself and have tried my hardest to make progress. It wasn’t until VERY recently that I realized, it’s not just adjustments and sacrifices in my business that I needed to pay attention to. I needed to make tweaks to my personal life as well. Below is a list of adjustments I have made to insure I reach my current timeline.

Most of these probably sound like common sense. I preface this because if you are like me, you read through lists like these all the time thinking it will be some sort of grand advice, scroll to the bottom, and say to yourself, “that was all common sense.” So, do please scroll, but if you do that same action again, I warned you.

1. Made a decision on what was most important.
Is it more important that I spend Thursday nights participating in Thirsty Thursday at the local drive thru bar? OR is it more important to me that I spend a few hours on Thursday evening planning a blog topic, searching through Reel ideas and saving sounds, or engaging and connecting with accounts on Instagram? No one is to say I can’t go have a drink or dinner with a friend some nights but making sure to put in the effort towards content first, has made such a mental difference for me.

2. Going the extra mile, even when I’m tired.
I am sure many could argue this one. But, I am building a brand that I have severe goals for. I have thoughts and ideas for sub-brands that I am currently working towards. To me, that means even on days when I am T-I-R-E-D, if I have something to get done, I do it. The most frequent example? I can plan for weeks on what I want these blog posts to be. I have about 15 topics listed in the Notes app on my phone that I tell myself I could “choose from” every week. However, I just can’t bring myself to do it. That’s a theme of my work in general and honestly, my life. I won’t waste time on something I don’t truly believe in or am not passionate about. So, even though I have a full list of topics, when the passion strikes, I write these posts, even dead tired. Then, when I recharge, I edit and post. I’m not telling you to burn yourself out and crank out content when you should be recharging. I’m telling you, it’s ok to take advantage of your passion and capitalize on those energy bursts.

3. Building a community not a brand.
One of the best pieces of advice you can receive is to engage with your audience and create a community. Form a relationship with your clients. This means setting aside time, daily, to comment, like, follow, search out hashtags, and truly interact with followers and potential clients. If you like something another account posted, comment and tell them. Share it and tag the page. I know I sound like I’m beating a dead horse but ENGAGE WITH YOUR AUDIENCE. You wouldn’t have your business without them.

4. My biggest obstacle – budgeting my life.
So, I usually say I suck with money. That statement hasn’t fully changed. If I see something I want, I usually buy it. My mentality has always been the 3F rule and I still STAND BY THAT. However, I will always be like, “I work so hard and support myself so I deserve it.” Which, is true. BUT, I don’t need to make that many Sephora orders or random Amazon and Target purchases. There are more than enough areas where I looked at my life and said, “If you want to make it to where you run yourself in the ground to hopefully be, it starts with changing your spending habits.” So, a small example of the changes I made: This week, instead of going to the grocery store to pick up whatever I thought I MIGHT use, I looked through the fridge, freezer, and pantry then PLANNED meals for this week. We’re on Tuesday (well, you’re on Friday) and it’s going well so far. (Update: it’s Friday morning and I’m still going strong!)

Listen, I’m not a genius and I didn’t just give you some top-secret advice. I made a list of the changes I’ve made, even if it seems like common sense. We can check back in, in 6- 12- 18 months and see what has happened. BUT, these small changes, even if you tweak them to be different to align with your own life, even helped my mindset.
What are the changes you’re going to make?

all the love & espresso, 

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