My Beef With "Marketers"

As someone in the marketing and advertising world, I understand how these things can be justified. However, even in my role, I want to scream everytime I get a message.

From my experience, the cold calling and messaging isn’t a high scale company genuinely wanting to help you.

I’ve stopped accepting most connections on LinkedIn. Why? Because a majority of them are “marketers” (really just sales people/scammers) trying to get you to buy into some package or scam they’re running. It’s not just on LinkedIn. It happens on Instagram constantly. I’m in several marketing groups on Facebook. I swear each post has several comments saying, “shoot me a DM so I can tell you how I got 10K followers in just 1 month.” It’s a crock of shit, to be frank.

Yes, you can scale. But, be wary of any person or company willing to set an amount of followers to get in a set amount of time. Be wary of a DM that starts with “Hey girl!” That message has enough PTSD associated with it. And must I start on the cold-messages about how someone has seen your profile/product/website so they proceed to tell you about their product or company which in fact does not have anything to do with your brand?
What is my beef with “marketers” percisely?

These are the type of people who have devalued (in many consumers eyes) what we do. There’s also a huge difference between marketing professionals and sales professionals. But that’s a different rant for another week.

All in all, stop cold messaging any account you can find. You’re losing the value in the brand. Do your research and send a proper email to the correct person. Then, keep it pushing.

all the love & espresso (except to scammers)

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