What I’ve Learned

Like many others, COVID put me in a funk. I am the definition of, “creature of habit.” I don’t like to get out of my routine because then I can’t get back in it. That would be why I have failed countless times at workout programs. I do really well for a few weeks, then I take a rest day and I don’t go back for months. I am currently in that cycle. I didn’t think that would be the case with certain things. I was wrong.

I started my full-time job in January 2019. It was a dream come true. I looked forward to waking up at 5am, getting ready, doing my makeup, and wearing office attire. I absolutely loved it and was thriving. About two months before the pandemic hit, I was working out everyday and was feeling really good. Then, the pandemic hit. I kept getting ready for the first two weeks. But, after that it was downhill.

I was living alone in Chicago. My family and friends were 3 hours away. Chicago was locked down. I was struggling financially, living alone. It was a time. I moved home six months later and thought all my answers had been change. However, that presented its own challenges. I found myself at the beginning of April 2022, still in this funk. Was it a funk or was it my new personality, to just be “ehh” with life?

Thankfully, I have been in therapy since 2017 and it has been a lifesaver. Many times, we have talked about ways for me to find a routine again. I’ve tried and failed a few times. But, one thing that always grounds me is makeup. When I am mad, sad, frustrated, or need to find a creative release, I can walk in my makeup room and the world melts away. One day, I was ready to quit my job. Instead of making a rash decision that I would later regret, I walked away from my computer and sat in my makeup room for an hour and a half. It’s still my favorite look I’ve created, to date.

Knowing how expensive makeup is, I couldn’t bring myself to start doing it everyday again. So, one night when I couldn’t sleep, I got on the Walmart app and ordered base products. I forced myself to get ready for 7 work days.

I am well out of that 7-day period and I have gotten ready almost everyday for two weeks. I feel like a different human. I am happier. I love my routine. I am back to using my “regular” makeup and the price is worth it, to me.

How does this relate to running a business? Everything started to slow down and fall apart in the times I decided my mental health wasn’t important. Here’s what I have truly learned in the last two years.

  1. You have to prioritize your health overall (mental, physical, emotional, etc)
  2. Your next priority should be your business(es)
  3. You are going to have to make hard decisions and give yourself ultimatums
  4. You HAVE to have healthy outlets that bring you joy… true joy
  5. The people you surround yourself with need to support every aspect of your life and goals
  6. Your goals may change, that’s ok
  7. Your dreams are not stupid. The ones who think they are don’t have their own dreams and are jealous you have the guts to even TRY (and I never use the word jealous but I am learning it’s appropriate at times)
  8. Worrying about other’s opinions and what they are saying, is a complete waste of time
  9. Never be scared to promote yourself and your business
  10. If you don’t believe in yourself or your dream, no one else will

I know this is different from my “normal” topics but I hope it resonated with someone. You got this.

all the love & espresso

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