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Red and Pink Wavy Checkers Note Cube

Red and Pink Wavy Checkers Note Cube

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Elevate your desk decor with our trendy and cute sticky note cube, featuring a vibrant pink and red wavy checker pattern. This stylish note cube is not just a practical accessory but a statement piece that brings personality to your workspace. With 700 sticky sheets, you have plenty of space to jot down your notes, reminders, and ideas. The custom wavy checker design around the edges adds a pop of color that brightens up any office setting.

  • 700 individual sheets with a light adhesive strip on the back
  • One size: 3.5" in height, 3.37" in width
  • Note: Print colors may appear darker due to the print method
  • Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

Perfect for anyone who loves to blend utility with flair, this sticky note cube is a must-have for your desk. Its eye-catching design and high functionality make it worth every penny. Add this delightful, custom sticky note cube to your cart and transform your workspace with style and practicality.

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